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Concert Goers Headphone Service Direct From Sound Desk

Aug 26, 2013
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The music industry has really had to adjust with the Digital age, where creative and innovative ways of monetizing and generating revenue has been a challenge. One rock band Umphrey’s McGee, has introduced an innovative value add to its live concert offering, a headphone service which provides audiophiles with a high quality live feed of the show.

Gig Goers biggest gripe with live concerts is the quality of sound is not like the recorded tracks due to many factors such as venue size and acoustics. To try and resolve this problem, Umphrey’s McGee offers an additional service where Gig Goers receive a Sennheiser wireless receiver along with Audio Technica Professional Studio Monitor headphones with audio sourced directly from the audio desk. The service costs USD 40 in addition to the concert ticket price which provides the Gig Goers a high quality live audio mix direct from the audio desk in real time as well as a private listening area at the concert. At the end of the concert, Gig Goers receive a code to download the MP3 file of the live concert.

Perfect example of introducing a premium element to a live music event for promoters and musicians to exploit.

First real time Facebook fan counter

Aug 15, 2013
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Facebook 'Like' counter

We are seeing more and more examples how the online and offline communities are co-existing and meshing together. Fliike is providing stores with the ability to promote their Facebook engagements via a Facebook 'Like' counter.

Designed and created by French based designers Smiirl. the counter is in a form of a large rectangular display that looks like a 70's era flip digit clock which uses WiFi connection to detect the number of likes on the owners Facebook page. The changes to the owners Facebook account are updated in real time, when a fan clicks the like button on the owners Facebook page.

The Fliike device is designed to be physically positioned in the store or public area to encourage customers or the public to "Like" or engage and follow the store or Facebook owner online with their smartphone and witness the counter physically update as they submit their 'Like'.

Initial first batch of 500 devices is in the process of been produced and will retail for Euro 300. Innovative approach to marketing and bringing the online and offline worlds together. 

Going to the Dogs – Pet Hotel

Jun 26, 2013
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Staff at the Hotel Monaco in Portland, Oregon, aren’t just pet-lovers – they absolutely adore pets of all shapes and sizes. The hotel prides itself on offering the most pet-friendly package in the city, and is the regular venue for pet-loving Portland’s annual Next Top Dog Model contest, the highlight of the canine social calendar.

Guests travelling with pets enjoy a number of free benefits, including a personal welcome on the hotel Pet Welcome Board and eco-friendly clean-up bags. The hotel doesn’t charge for pet accommodation, no matter how many pets a guest brings and no matter how large or small they are.

The hotel’s Director of Pet Relations is Timmy, a yellow labrador who provides up-to-the-minute information about pet-friendly establishments in the city. Timmy sends each visiting pet a welcome email prior to their arrival.

For pets in need of more than just a rest, hotel staff will arrange a consultation with Bridget Pilloud, a locally based Pet Psychic. Bridget communicates with animals, allowing owners to explore any issues they may have with their pets.

Could you make your business more appealing by targeting a niche aspect in your market?

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Eco-Friendly Sex Toy GASM

May 3, 2013
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Eco-friendly sex toy

What started as a prank for April Fools day, Swedish sex toy maker Lelo is in the process of producing a totally sustanable vibrator named GÄSM. Lelo sells high luxry price tag "pleasure objects" such as the Vibrator "The Inez" that retails for A$15,000 as part of a range which includes a 25kt gold plated but plug named "The Earl" for A$2,900.

GÄSM was created as a prank for April Fools day which was made of recycled car tyres and wood pulp. It was battery powered and rechargable by twirling a manual hand crank, Allen key. It was sold in a set of separate pieces to reduce packaging, and had to be assembled by the customer, just like an Ikea couch and came in Forest green color. 

Looking at the reaction to their little prank, they have decided to make the GÄSM an actual product. Recycled wood pulp and recycled car tyres is not the best method of production. They are looking to utlise silicone but using 100% recycled materials, a hand-cranked power system and a disassembled, low-packaging delivery. Lelo plan to launch their eco-friendly GÄSM vibrator next year.

Another example of taking an existing product and re vitalising it with a green slant and re-packing it, although in this instance by accident.

Berlin City Breaks Include a Local Guide

Taking an overseas city break is a great experience, but somehow it always seems like the locals are having all the fun. If you’ve visited Berlin, Germany, and wished you knew where to find the best entertainment or the “in” places to eat, you can relax. Plus One Berlin has launched the city break with a difference – you not only stay in a modern studio apartment in Berlin’s trendy Kreuzkölln district, you get the company of a local resident who can show you where it’s all happening.

Plus One Berlin visitors have a choice of accommodation and a selection of local hand-picked guides who are chosen for their knowledge and passion of the city. When a guest makes their reservation, guests are given a login to enable them to browse and select their guide. Once they pick a local guide, they indicate if they wish to experience the local area by going to a restaurant or be taken to popular local hangouts.

Plus One Berlin is a great example of exceeding expectation by thinking outside the box. Hospitality entrepreneurs from around the world, here is a value add service idea to add to your offering!

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